Coynes founder passes

The co-founder of Victoria-based transport company, Coynes Freight Management Group, passed away peacefully on 7 November 2022.

News of Neville Coyne’s passing was announced by the Victorian Transport Association (VTA) where Coyne had been one of its original council and committee members.

Coyne got his start with an old GMH in 1950 delivering The Age newspaper alongside his father “Bobby” Coyne.

The pair soon found success delivering parcels to homes and businesses before expanding their operations which led to delivering parts to the Ford Motoring Company in Campbellfield during the 1960s.

When Ford began using its own vehicles it spelled the end of the partnership. But by then Coyne, who was closer to his vision of providing a diverse range of transport services for businesses and residents in Melbourne and its outer suburbs, had grown the fleet to 12 vehicles.

Coynes Transport joined forces with a company from Sydney which was eventually bought out by a larger operation, opening the door to waterfront cartage — operations the company is chiefly associated with today.

Coyne was a member of the VTA’s Executive Council, Waterfront Sub-Committee and the Goods General Cartage Division Committee when the organisation was known as the Victorian Road Transport Association (VRTA).

VTA CEO, Peter Anderson, was saddened to announce Coyne’s passing.

“The VTA Executive Council and Secretariat extends its deepest sympathies to family, friends and colleagues of Neville Coyne, and acknowledges his service to the transport industry in Victoria,” he said.

“Neville leaves behind a well-run and committed family company managed by a strong management team including Kevin and Chris Coyne.”

Anderson said Coyne provided the organisation with strong leadership, along with industry personalities such as Daryl Chalmers (Chalmers Transport), Gavin Murphy (E. Murphy and Sons) and Lou Arthur (L.Arthur Transport).

“The VRTA/VTA provided an important forum for advocacy to governments and stevedores,” he said.

“Through Neville’s leadership a great deal was achieved for the transport industry.”

Coyne was a much loved father and father-in-law of Cheryl and Richard, Denise, Margaret and Paul, Chris and Karin, Sue, Kevin and Chris, who are serve as the company’s Managing Director and Finance Director respectively.

“Dad, thankyou for a lifetime of love and support as my father and Grumpus to Anna and Will. So proud to be your daughter. Love Denise, Anna, Tom and Arlie, Will and Mikayla,” the family wrote.

“To my mate, boss and dad. Truly inspirational, wise and a whole lot of fun. We will miss you heaps. Forever in our hearts. Love Chris, Karin, Jakob and Ruby.”

Coyne was 93 years old.

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