Communication technology to transform infrastructure

A collaborative project between state, federal and local government, the University of Tasmania and Telstra will introduce a range of connective technology to establish Launceston as one of Australia’s leading smart cities. 

According to a statement from Tasmanian Minister for Information Technology and Innovation Michael Ferguson, the $3.5 million Greater Launceston Transformation Project will cover the greater Launceston area and use the latest connective technology and new 3D virtual city modelling tools to transform city planning processes, deliver better educational outcomes and develop a community co-designed innovation hub.

The aim is to make the region a “fully-connected, tech-connected, tech-ready centre, which is open and ready for business”.

The statement also said that the partnership ensures Launceston is a primary test site for emerging 5G technologies, which it said puts the region on the map as a first-comer for full Telstra 5G rollout.

The city will also have full access to a local Telstra NarrowBand IoT (Internet of Things) network allowing everyday devices as well as a growing range of home, commercial and industrial equipment, to be connected.

The NB-IoT is one of the growing platforms for connecting with devices and appliances locally, be it parking bay sensors, vehicle tracking, agricultural equipment, or even for turning on your air conditioner remotely.

The project will also establish a new Technology and Innovation Centre of Excellence, making Launceston one of only five Telstra Customer Insight Centres in the world.

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