Comedian joins NHVR to increase driver safety

Jimmy Rees is joining forces with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) to educate drivers on safely sharing the road with trucks in its latest campaign, We All Need Space.

Aimed at providing simple tips for light vehicle drivers to give trucks space when travelling on roads, We All Need Space provides simple tips for drivers on how to drive safely around oversized loads, safely overtaking trucks, how to keep out of truck blind spots and rules around overtaking a turning truck.

The campaign also features three point of view videos from Rees, ranging from quips about caravanners, the perils of road tripping with kids and the reality of passing a driver’s license test.

“While the average driver might not spend much time considering what it means to drive safely around trucks, as a dad that likes caravanning during school holidays, I have seen all sorts of drivers out there, especially when you are towing something heavy,” said Rees.

“Thankfully I have not had a run in with a heavy vehicle because I am an ‘excellent driver’, but we have all witnessed a truck that has had to slam its brakes on because a car pulls in front.

“As a driver it reinforces these trucks we share the road with are massive, and they need space.”

Rees’ videos are a comical mix of educational content and real-life issues that impact Aussie drivers.

“I want to keep my family safe when we are out on the road, so if everyone is more aware of how to keep safe around trucks and give them the space they need, then that makes it safer for us all,” he said.

NHVR Executive Director, Corporate Affairs, Michelle Tayler, said there has never been a more important time to educate light vehicle drivers on truck safety, with around 70 per cent of serious incidents involving both heavy and light vehicles the fault of the light vehicle.

“School holidays can be a busy time on Australian roads and almost every light vehicle driver and road user out there will likely come across some type of truck on their journey,” she said.

“Jimmy’s videos provide an important safety message in a way that resonates with the average Aussie driver.

“We encourage people to educate themselves so both they, and the truck drivers, reach their destination safely.”

Tayler said the campaign is important for all road users, regardless of how or where they are travelling.

“With over 900,000 registered heavy vehicles units on Australia’s roads, it does not matter if you’re a comedian like Jimmy, an everyday car motorist, a cyclist or a pedestrian, we all need space to stay safe on the road.”

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