Cityline scaffolding builds business with Isuzu F-Series

Melbourne construction supplier Cityline Scaffolding relies on the Isuzu F-Series range to provide scaffolding equipment to major building operations, including the refurbishment of Victoria’s Parliament House.

To supply its frames, couplers and planks, Cityline Scaffolding has invested heavily in the Isuzu F Series. This includes an FVZ 1400, FRR 500 and a FTR 400. The partnership with Isuzu goes back 15 years.

Director Marcello Notarfrancesco, whose business was established in 1998, says he has always been comfortable with Isuzu trucks.

“You think you’re sitting in a car, and now that they’ve made even more autos available, it’s even better,” said Marcello. “The interior in the new models is pretty flash. The suspension’s really good, the seats are comfortable, and the gear ratio is excellent with the split box.”

As loads can weigh up to 14 tonnes, Cityline uses flat trays to cart scaffolding material to work sites. A FVZ 1400 is often employed to haul a forklift to the site. Marcello, whose business also provides labour force solutions, confirms the Skyline fleet is also complemented by a lighter NQR 450 while he plans on making additional purchases soon, as he considers adding a new model 6×2 FVM or FVL 230/240-300. He likes the combination of drivability and comfort, combined with a significant payload.

“When you’re driving up a hill with a heavy load there’s no stalling,” he says. With some other brands, you can feel it’s a bit sluggish. With Isuzu, you’re definitely getting up that hill a lot quicker.”

Cityline Scaffolding works across the outer extremes of greater Metropolitan Melbourne. A typical workweek will involve contract jobs in Cranbourne, Somerton, the CBD and Geelong. The company relies on Isuzu’s roadside assist to protect it against the downtime of roadside emergencies.

“Reliability I guess is the reason I keep going back to Isuzu,” said Marcello. “In addition to that, they look great and very professional when we’re out on the road. Presentation means a lot in this business.”

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