Chevron looks to increase WA gas production

Wheatstone Project

Western Australia’s domestic gas production capacity is increasing, following plans to escalate production rates at the Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project near Onslow.

The official nameplate capacity of Wheatstone’s domestic gas plant will increase by five per cent from 205 terajoules to 215 terajoules per day, thanks to technical enhancements and plant modifications at the domestic gas facility.

Chevron Australia Managing Director, Mark Hatfield, said the plant modifications and subsequent high-rate production trial undertaken over the past year had confirmed the facility was able to maintain safe and reliable domestic gas production at increased rates across a range of temperature conditions and operating environments.

“Chevron is one of WA’s major domestic gas suppliers, currently operating facilities that produce almost half of the state’s gas supply, helping to underpin energy security and economic prosperity,” he said.

“The gas we produce is used in the electricity that powers homes and businesses, and supports key industries like mining, minerals processing and manufacturing, which is why we are pleased to have the confidence to increase domestic gas capacity from the Wheatstone Project on an ongoing basis.”

Further work, Hatfield revealed, will be undertaken over coming months to trial even higher domestic gas production rates.

“Recognising the critical role of natural gas for WA industry and communities, we will continue to explore operational efficiencies and equipment enhancements at Wheatstone that could increase domestic gas capacity even further,” he said.

The Wheatstone domestic gas nameplate change will be reflected on the Gas Bulletin Board WA which is operated by the Australian Energy Market Operator.

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