Changes to QLD towing legislation looms

New changes to Queensland towing legislation will come into effect 16 April, aimed at improving accountability to the towing industry and to better protect road transport operators.

An independent investigation commissioned by the Queensland Government recommended changes in response to community concern regarding the towing industry. All 22 recommendations since resulted from the investigation have been accepted. The amendments will include new measures to protect driver privacy, and offer improvements to the background checks that help determine licence approvals and renewals for towing operators.

Queensland will be the first state in the country to cap fees for towing from private car parks. Under the reforms accredited drivers may only perform towing on private properties in regulated areas. Tow truck licensees will also be required to provide proof of towing consents with the occupier to remove vehicles from private property. Among some other changes to take effect, towing operators will be required to notify Queensland Police Service when a vehicle is removed as soon as practicable while reasonable steps must be taken by new licensees to locate motorists before loading a vehicle onto a truck.

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