Chalmers buys Transpacific Industries’ Port of Brisbane facilities

Chalmers Industries has signed an agreement to purchase plant and machinery from subsidiary companies of the Transpacific Industries Group – including Australian Terminal Services, ATS Developments and Associated Oils – for $2.5 million.

The current site has run two basic businesses, an ISO tanktainer handling, storage and repair service together with road-tanker washing, as well as a cooking oil recycling plant.

Chalmers said in a statement it will develop and grow the ISO containers business when it takes control on the sale completion date of 10 June. The facility will provide specialist services to shipping, leasing, manufacturing and distribution entities involved in the shipping of bulk liquids.

The business is similar to that already undertaken in Chalmers’ existing Brisbane Container Park next door.

Meanwhile, Chalmers said the cooking oil recycling business has already been shut down by Transpacific and the associated plant and equipment is being removed in order to repurpose the building. 

The site will also be used as a maintenance point for Chalmers Transport and Container Park vehicles and as the control centre for its Transport operations.

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