Centurion targets safety this National Safe Work Month


Centurion is pushing to be at the forefront of safety awareness as a participant in National Safe Work Month this October.

National Safe Work Month takes place every year, where businesses, employers and workers across Australia are all encouraged to commit to building safe and healthy workplaces.

Different health and safety topics are being targeted each week of the month by Safe Work Australia under the banner, ‘For everyone’s safety, work safely’.

Centurion has joined many companies taking part, and has been focusing on fundamental safety topics each week to demonstrate its commitment to safety across its nationwide network.

Centurion Senior Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ) Advisor, Janet Walsh, said the company has always strived for excellence in safety standards.

“Safety is the foundation upon which Centurion operates,” she said.

“Our continuous journey of improving our safety culture is a collaborative effort that must be a 24/7 mindset.”

In the first week of National Safe Work Month, Centurion spotlighted the significance of teamwork in managing workplace risks.

To Centurion, identifying and reporting hazards is a collective responsibility, and to enforce this, it urged all team members to actively engage in hazard identification and reporting.

This proactive approach, it claimed, not only ensures the safety of colleagues but also contributes to a safer working environment for all.

Last week, the second objective of the month revolved around protecting the mental health of workers.

Recognising that being safe and healthy goes beyond physical well-being, with mental health being just as important, Centurion ensured resources and support were provided to help team members understand and manage psychosocial hazards within their workplace.

This week Centurion’s focus is on promoting a positive safety culture and drawing attention to hazards present for new and young workers, culturally or linguistically diverse workers, isolated and remote workers, and workers returning to work from injury.

“At Centurion, they believe in supporting and educating all workers,” a Centurion spokesperson said.

“A positive safety culture is built on trust, respect, and open communication. Every worker is encouraged to actively participate in creating a culture prioritises safety.”

In the final week of National Safe Work Month, Centurion will underscore the importance of preventing accidents and incidents.

“Improved morale, safety, and productivity are intertwined,” Walsh said.

“When our teams feel safe and confident, they deliver their best, ultimately benefiting our valued customers.”

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