National border crossing disunity must end now

It’s been well over 12 months since the National Cabinet, created by the Morrison Government to navigate Australia through the COVID-19 pandemic, established a Freight Movement Code for the Domestic Border Controls in late June 2020. Read more

A million and more but who’s counting?

Nearly a decade ago a number of ARTSA members got together to try and solve a riddle – how many heavy vehicles are on the road? (Spoiler alert: it’s passed 1 million late in 2020.) Read more

A hydrogen reality check – part one

In my column last month, I explained the need for Australian governments to develop an all-encompassing ‘net zero emissions’ greenhouse gas plan, one that outlines a pathway forward for each industry and for each State and Territory. Read more

Bans and restrictions aren’t the answer

As CEO of the Victorian Transport Association I am often asked in public forums: “How do we get trucks off our roads?” We also often see the public messaging stating that the new tunnel will get thousands of trucks of our roads. Read more