They Drive by Night

Datspares Transport, based in Clayton, a semi-industrial area in Melbourne’s southeast, moves an array of dissimilar goods for many customers in different industries. Read more

Your Name in Lights

I’ve seen my fair share of accidents involving vehicles and trucks,” says veteran journalist and communications expert Kim Skubris. Read more

Settling Scores

Driver safety remains one of the biggest challenges across Australia’s transport and logistics industry. Read more

Marathon MAN

Liberty oil is a fuel and oil distributor that operates around the clock to ensure petroleum products that are the lifeblood of society are available when and where they are required. Read more

Pumping Iron

The sparsely populated and mineral-rich Pilbara region brings to mind the comic twist of the classic AC/DC song, “It’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll.” Read more

Green Zone

The region known as the Green Triangle spans the border area between the states of South Australia and Victoria and provides good road access to Melbourne and Adelaide. Read more

Circle of Life

The community of Orange in the Central West of New South Wales is graced with elegant architectural reminders of its charming heritage.  Read more

True West

Western Australia may seem to be the last frontier to people on the eastern side of the continent, but it is also the land of opportunity for innovative transport operators such as Tim Sullivan. Read more

Outback Adventures

The weights are substantial, the distances vast and the sparsely vegetated desert landscape swelters under summer temperatures that can see the mercury reaching up to 50C. Read more

Haul Monitor

The train line between Adelaide and Darwin is some 3,000 kilometres, making it one of the longest stretches of track in the world. In fact, it’s the eighth longest, by way of comparison, behind Paris to Moscow. Read more