John Dreves and Stewart Lamb [in orange] at Primary Connect’s Sydney facility.

Training Day

Forget Zoom, Teams and Youtube videos. For semi-trailer operators, old school, face-to-face demonstrations and firsthand practice are back, and their popularity among fleets is proving that they might be back for good.
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Turfco's Marcus Rogers.

Home Turf

It is said that some of our soil is actually stardust from the remains of stars fallen to earth.
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Asphalt Jungle

Dedicated commitment and mastery of technological innovation has paved the way to achieving repeated, successful client outcomes for top tier businesses.
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HELLA National Fleet Business Development Manager Andrew May.

Bright Ideas

A father who drove trucks between Mount Isa and Darwin and loved racing cars in his spare time is one good reason why Andrew May has the career he does.
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Andrew McKenzie.

Leap Years

If you were to sum up the year Scully RSV has had in one word, connection would arguably define it best.
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Hyundai Mighty EV.

Transition Time

In just a short period of time, CarBon Leasing & Rentals has worked with the likes of Kings Transport, All Purpose Transport and ANC.
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Manu Poulose.

Chronicle of a Dynasty

Transport businesses that came to prominence decades ago have been no more insulated against the challenges of progress even when their protocols for safety and productivity are well established and proven.
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Mark Gjerek.

First Moves

A love of all things motorised and a concern for the environment might seem like incompatible bedfellows, but Mark Gjerek doesn’t see it that way.
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Emma Andrew, Lauren Bourke and Courtenay Skinner.

Shifting More than Boxes

The most common current challenge expressed within the industry is the acute shortage of suitable people to fulfil the multiple and diverse roles required to keep freight moving across Australia.
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