The Big Show

The numbers are astounding. Beginning with 1,402 exhibitors from 42 countries and a total of 230 national and international speakers.  Almost a quarter of a million visitors hail from 72 different countries.
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Viva Energy technicians inspect the Geelong Refinery.

Trust the History

From the first oil refinery to fuelling the first commercial QANTAS flight, Shell has a proud history of innovation to support Australian industry. It was that reputation for quality and high standards that first drew Darren Evans, Viva Energy Logistics Contract Lead to the company. Read More

It’s Parts Availability, Stupid!

The phrase “it’s the economy, stupid,” was first coined by James Carville, a strategist for Bill Clinton during the 1992 US presidential campaign and is often referenced during political debates to hone-in on what really matters to voters. There’s an obvious parallel in the trucking world, where keeping heavy vehicles on the road is essential for the success of any operation. Read More

MAN on a Mission

Over 167,000 hours of design work alone have gone into the new MAN TG3 series truck. Sergio Carboni, who has been with Penske Australia for nearly six years, is in the driver’s seat, so to speak, to talk about the new range and what it will mean for the German brand locally. Read More

The Big Short

A recent survey of young people in the United States found that one in four members of Generation Z plan on becoming social media influencers.
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First Among Equals

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) project managers are constantly monitoring all aspects of projects, from the delivery of raw materials to fabrication timelines and installation requirements.
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Extra Miles

John West Logistics, not unlike any good business predisposed to innovation, goes after things with a singular vision.
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