Isuzu FSR 140-260 tipper.

Surf and Turf

The first mention of making a landscape can be apparently found in an essay written in 1712 by Joseph Addison, On the Pleasures of the Imagination.
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National Treasure

For over 30 years Scully RSV has been servicing customers Australia-wide, predominantly out of its east coast fixed operations.
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Tempus Group Mack Anthem.

Going with the Grain

There has been no shortage of prominent infrastructure projects in Sydney, the nation’s most populous capital city, over the past decade as government provision in service of fiscal stimulation, leaves no doubt as to what is being produced.
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The Tipping Zone

As a society, we’ve become isolated from waste — we think the job is done when the discarded items are sent down the rubbish chute or have a moment of self-congratulation when we remember to put the correct bins out on pickup night.
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Membrey Heavy Haulage.

Higher Ground

Based in South Victoria, Membrey’s Transport and Crane Hire was established in 1962 as J & N Membrey & Son with a vision to offer a specialised service to the transport industry like none other.
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Wightman Transport, Peter Starke with son, Josh.

To the Rescue

If the quiet of a truck cabin can be measured by the clarity of an interview conducted in a remote location by phone (hand’s free) than the new R 620 V8 from Scania passes with flying colours.
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CTI Logistics Cascadia truck in the dust.

Western Union

CTI Logistics Limited (CTI) celebrates 50 years of operation in 2023 and now has more than 1,000 people and 750-plus vehicles.
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Putzmeister, Volvo boom truck.

Planet Boom

A German company that has been operating in Australia for over 50 years, Putzmeister supplies a large range of European designed and manufactured concrete placing equipment.
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Western Star 48X.

X-Series: A Star is Born

The X-Series is the first all-new Western Star range in a generation and the engineers in Portland, Oregon, where the trucks intended for the Australian market are manufactured, started with a clean sheet almost six years ago with the intention to produce a range of trucks which accommodated the four key pillars of durability, safety, driver comfort, and weight reduction.
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Micway Transport, Wayne Franklin.

Push it to the Limit

Micway Transport, based in Seven Hills, New South Wales, was born in 1999 under the wings of David Franklin and his wife Mary.
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