The sands of Dune seem to have swallowed up the feasibility of its supply chain rational.

How Dune is Now?

Nothing stimulates old economies like a crisis, and in the volatile commodities markets, spice, despite surging prices, is in renewed demand.
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Rumble strips on a road at night.

Dark was the Night

Driving after sundown, statistics have shown, can increase the risk of having a fatal crash by four times that of daylight hours when our bodies are programmed to be active.
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Bait and Switch

One need not work in media to have marketing cross their path. In a consumer society it’s a fact of life. Every. Single. Day.
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Yellow Corporation had feet of clay.

Imposing Edifices

Supposing disruption is the future of supply chain, supply chain managers, tasked with adaptation, will want to acquaint themselves with the future or at least an approximation of it.
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Australian roadtrain in Queensland.

Choke Points

An unforgettable line by John Keegan written about Alexander in Mask of Command bears repeating: “He saw the Persians for all their material superiority were vulnerable to the confrontation of a superior will, and of the strength of his will he had no doubt.”
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Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II

Revert to Prototype

When the benefits of a life built upon the achievements of the past are deemed no longer acceptable, to the point they are openly deplored, greater insistence becomes commonplace for counting on the advantages of the uninvented.
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A car is pursued on the floodway of the Los Angeles River in To Live and Die in LA (1985).

Cut to the Chase

Those familiar with these pages will have read the occasional glowing reference for the 1977 movie Sorcerer, in which a group of mercenaries agree to drive trucks loaded with nitro-glycerine over a mountain in the South American jungle.
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The remnants of tank in the Sahara desert leftover from the conflict in Chad.

Mine Craft

White paint markings found outside of Faya-Largeau, the largest city in northern Chad, serve as reminders even today of the hundreds of mines left behind from the war with Libya.
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