Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II

Revert to Prototype

When the benefits of a life built upon the achievements of the past are deemed no longer acceptable, to the point they are openly deplored, greater insistence becomes commonplace for counting on the advantages of the uninvented.
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A car is pursued on the floodway of the Los Angeles River in To Live and Die in LA (1985).

Cut to the Chase

Those familiar with these pages will have read the occasional glowing reference for the 1977 movie Sorcerer, in which a group of mercenaries agree to drive trucks loaded with nitro-glycerine over a mountain in the South American jungle.
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The remnants of tank in the Sahara desert leftover from the conflict in Chad.

Mine Craft

White paint markings found outside of Faya-Largeau, the largest city in northern Chad, serve as reminders even today of the hundreds of mines left behind from the war with Libya.
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Vital Signs

The art of making a Cuban toast, it’s said, is to raise one’s glass as if addressing a hundred folk regardless of the numbers present.
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Climber pulling a sled during an Antarctica expedition on on Mount Vinson, Sentinel Range, Ellsworth Mountains.

Inherit the Wind

Human footprint, a now common phrase in the lexicon, is for some of us, too frequently used in a negative context.
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Riders on the Storm

An opportunity, when it presents itself, to acknowledge the herculean efforts of supply chain workers over the last few years best not be passed up.
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Cadillac Coup de Ville.

Fin de Siècle

Great design seems to leap across the decades. This is certainly true of many built things to have lasted, particularly courthouses, churches, and various types of vehicles.
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Industry decision makers.

Zero Sum Game

Amid some of the early predictions of how 2023 might advance, a report issued late last year by DHL projected that 70 per cent of export businesses expected industry would recover.
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