Cahill Transport launches driver recognition initiative

Freight carrier, Cahill Transport, has introduced a new ‘Gold Standard’ driver recognition program.

‘Driver of the month’ and ‘driver of the year’ initiatives have been launched on a national scale as part of a an ongoing commitment by the company as it continuously invests in a new fleet and the adaptation of technology to promote safer and more efficient outcomes.

The program is designed to encourage and reward safe driving practises that benefit the company’s drivers, customers, and the general public.

The internal compliance team, according to Cahill Transport General Manager, Shane Lovell, has historically used vehicle telematics and in-cab technology to monitor for violations in Chain of Responsibility obligations and to act on critical data observations.

“After an event occurred, the company typically analysed the data with an eye towards finding fault with the process in order to make changes,” said Lovell.

“Recently, we’ve collaborated with our telematics provider to highlight safe driving practises, reward safe drivers, and reduce the perception of risk among our staff,” he told Prime Mover.

A monthly scorecard has been created to monitor and encourage driver pre-start inspection and fault recording, safe driving practises, including but not limited to: speed, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering; and productive use of company vehicles.

In the program drivers are recognised and celebrated once per month and are encouraged to access their own driving data to self-manage and ultimately improve their driving skills autonomously.

“When it comes to recruiting and retaining top talent, we’ve found that a program that recognises and rewards our drivers at the gold standard level is particularly effective,” said Lovell.

“The industry’s constant struggle to attract and retain talent makes it all the more important to foster growth within our own ranks,” he said.

A growing sense of competition for the generous monthly rewards and recognition on offer has since emerged among drivers according to Lovell.

“Drivers are proactively reviewing their individual performances and identifying methods and strategies for improvement,” he said.

“Cahill Transport’s goal is to be the go-to business partner in the markets they serve, and this program is a major step towards achieving that goal,” said Lovell.

“The company is making an effort to improve its team members’ working conditions in order to foster expansion, superior customer service, and employee satisfaction.”

September Gold Standard driver of the month poster.
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