Business leaders speak at Metropolitan Express Forum

Notting Hill-based transport company Metropolitan Express has staged a not-so-ordinary industry forum at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre yesterday.

Titled ‘Back to Basics’, some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most regarded business leaders came to the CBD to speak about how they reacted “when things went tough” during the GFC and what they are doing now to stay successful in a volatile economy.

Gerry Bollman, Chief Executive of Business Strategy and Performance at Fletcher Building Ltd, for instance, elaborated on how the largest listed company in New Zealand turned around a struggling US subsidiary – including all the positive and not-so-positive steps that had to be taken along the way.

In a compelling speech, Bollmann gave a deep insight into the company’s change management strategy and useful advice on brand-building and cost reduction.

Mark Vassella, CEO of BlueScope Australia and New Zealand, shared a similar story with the audience, reflecting on the company’s 2010 re-alignment process – a valuable lesson in how to create and maintain the right mind-set for change.

Kai Dwyer, General Manager, Customer & Distribution, Zurich Australian Insurance Limited, and Craig James, Chief Economist of the Commonwealth Bank, also presented at the forum and provided additional insight into the state of the Australian economy.

“Our Annual Forum is more than just an internal gathering, it’s an event relevant for everyone in our diverse industry. We want to bring people together and use the opportunity to give something back to our industry,” said Director, Sam Pantou.

“Instead of just thanking our team and the people we work with for a successful year, we have chosen to stage a large scale economic forum and add some real value to it,” said Pantou. “And judging from the feedback we received, we have made a real difference today.”

Read the full report in an upcoming edition of Prime Mover magazine.

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