Building Momentum

Just as the changing needs of business warrant greater flexibility, manufacturer, sales, servicing and hire company Scully RSV is attuned to what this can mean and look like for its customers.
Scully RSV provides a comprehensive range of fleet solutions in the cold carrier segment.

Now into its third decade as a specialist in refrigerated transport solutions, Scully RSV understands that change is a constant in commercial road transport.

Those changes can be brought about by many factors such as seasonal demands, supply chains and customer contracts, which can often determine asset allocation and investment.

The nature of the truck lease itself can be as consequential to matters of business as the durability, safety and technology of the vehicle. As a long-time partner to logistics, dairy, meat, food and pharmaceutical companies, Scully RSV is entrusted to support the fleet needs of its customers.

But it doesn’t just achieve this through its fleet size, significant as it is, with thousands of assets located around Australia.

What it provides foremost is scale, offering the gamut of refrigerated body utes up to B-double trailers so that the principal cold carrier applications in the segment are all covered.

In short, it can cater across the board whether it be final mile, DC-to-DC distribution or even interstate linehaul. Scully RSV offers utes, trucks and trailers from each of its nine branches situated around Australia.

“Our team work with our customers to work out the best solution for their needs, calculating the costs and comparing the differences between hire and sales,” says Scully RSV CEO, Andrew McKenzie.

“With service, insurance, registration and 24/7 call out support and standby included, our customers don’t incur hidden costs, easily allowing for better forecasting and financial planning.”

The inflationary environment that took hold in 2023 as cost-of-living pressures and interest rates steadily increased, made it imperative for companies to retain capital in reserve.

Long-term hire solutions were, as a result, a net positive for businesses that needed a transport solution at fixed rates with flexible terms.

The outlay required for a new vehicle became a prohibitive cost for some companies, who, pursuant to the demands of fluctuating finances and the turbulent market, could turn to Scully RSV for a new truck or trailer on a fixed monthly fee for an agreed term, having peace of mind that the vehicle, as is standard across the Scully range, comes with 24/7 standby and 24/7 call out support.

Each vehicle, moreover, is fully maintained and serviced, with the average just under two years.

“All our vehicles come with service, insurance and registration included,” says Andrew. “There are no hidden extras in our long-term hire agreements.”

When the term ends customers either return the vehicle, upgrade to a newer model for a new term or in many cases purchase the vehicle outright.

Scully RSV can provide B-double combinations.
A Scully refrigerated B-double pulled by a MAN prime mover.

Should seasonal demand escalate, or a last-minute contract become necessary, perhaps even a test drive is required of a Scully RSV before purchase, the full range of refrigerated transport vehicles are available on short-term hire.

Scully RSV manufactures in Australia using materials from local suppliers to suit the unique challenges of Australian conditions. It doesn’t assemble imported materials.

For its trailer units it partners with only the best OEMs in the industry.

Some of their partnerships have lasted 30 years. Customer feedback in that time has been a crucial part of refining a process and building a knowledge base for what works and what doesn’t.

Quick and efficient solutions are a hallmark of the business. Specialist trades are used to maintain the vehicles. Chassis, tail lift, fridges and bodies have dedicated teams spanning trucks and trailers.

Technology partner Inauro supports what Scully RSV calls seamless integration for customer needs.

Safety and technology features include pre-start inspections, free 24/7 electric standby, a national service network for trucks and trailers, GPS, temperature monitoring and driver behaviour monitoring and analytics.

While solutions that empower fleet teams come as standard in a Scully RSV, including ScullyLive.

Scully’s expertise in the hire, sale and service of refrigerated transport spans the continent across key logistics hubs from the eastern seaboard to Western Australia.

A huge demand in fridge bodies more recently has resulted in the company now catering to this line.

At the minute it has the capacity to produce over 60 vehicles a month with over 1,200m2 in production capacity.

“Our move into our new manufacturing facility in 2023, saw our production capacity continue to grow and meet the demands of our refrigerated fleet needs,” says Andrew.

“Not only did this grow in 2023 but our fleet also got younger. Due to our size and scale, we regularly offered customers ex-fleet sales to maintain a modern and low age of fleet.”

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