BP Wingfield Truckstop helping SA drivers

BP’s Wingfield Truckstop plays an important role in supporting the transportation of goods between South Australia and the rest of the country.

Positioned between the docks of Port Adelaide and Adelaide’s main arterial roads, the Truckstop provides drivers with the perfect place to stop, refresh and refuel before continuing their journeys.

With a long history of developing Truckstops in Australia, BP sees first-hand the vital role that Truckstops play in improving the health of drivers.

Built solely with the driver and road transport industry in mind, the site has easy access to the Port, the Expressway, South and Port Wakefield roads providing access to the highest quality fuels and lubricants.

The 24-hour facility is also a great place to recuperate for customers looking for refreshment. The newly refurbished Road Haven Café has a separate driver’s lounge, which offers cooked meals all hours of the day.

In addition, recently upgraded shower facilities give drivers a great chance to freshen-up before the next leg of a long-haul journey.

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