Boost for freight productivity in Western NSW

NSW Roads and Ports Minister, Duncan Gay, and Minister for Western NSW, Kevin Humphries, have announced improved access for modern road trains and modular B-triples on select freight routes on and east of the Newell Highway.

“The LBCA applauds today's announcement by Duncan Gay and Kevin Humphries regarding increased modern road train and B-triple and AB-triple access,” said the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association in a statement.

“The new approved routes provide links from the Newell Highway to Pallamawalla, between North Star and Croppa Creek and from Moombooldool via Ardlethan to Temora Cargill BFB.

“These new links mean modern road trains, including B-triples and AB-triples, will now be able to travel from West Wyalong to Temora, from Moree to Inverell, and to Bomen from Narrandera and the southern end of Hoskins Street. This is another important step forward in actioning the LBCA grain and livestock road train and B-triple priority access listing.

“LBCA commends the NSW Government's leadership in this area and continues to stress the importance of increasing higher productivity access to link key regional freight networks and deliver real economic benefits for the State.”

According to the NSW Government, providing greater access for more productive freight trucks on select routes on and east of the Newell Highway helps reduce the number of smaller truck movements on state and council roads, resulting in less ‘wear and tear’ on pavements, bridges and culverts.

“The NSW Government worked closely with a number of councils to evaluate preferred routes and carried out real life trials to ensure safe access for trucks and other road users,” said Humphries.

“I’m delighted with the results. More efficient freight trucks carrying grain, cotton and livestock now have greater access to parts of the Gwydir, Moree, Inverell, Narrandera and Temora shires, helping to boost regional productivity.”

The high productivity trucks must operate under a permit and B-triples and AB-triples must be enrolled in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP), a GPS monitoring system that ensures the right truck, with the right load is travelling on the right road.

“Modular B-triples now have the same access as modern road trains and B-triple combinations which comply with the road train modernisation program on and east of the Newell Highway,”  said Gay.

Click here for specific information about approved routes for modern road trains.

Here for specific information about approved routes for B-triples and AB-triples. 

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