BOC opens $65 million LNG plant upgrade

Bulk gas supplier BOC has opened its upgraded LNG plant in Victoria in a move it says will help provide low-emissions fuel for the trucking industry. The $65 million project in Dandenong is seen as a vital link in BOC’s $200 million LNG highway being built along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

The company says the plant, which took more than 18 months to build, has the capacity to produce up to 100 tonnes of LNG a day. “It will form a crucial part in the LNG highway to fuel heavy road transport vehicles, utilising a network of refuelling stations on major routes,” BOC’s South Pacific Managing Director South Pacific, Colin Isaac, says.

“To fuel the heavy vehicles along the east coast of Australia, BOC will be using the fuel processed from its micro LNG plant in Chinchilla in Queensland as well as using LNG from this state-of-the art new facility in Dandenong.”

Isaac says LNG produces up to 20 percent less greenhouse gases compared with diesel and is a more cost efficient and environmentally friendly fuel alternative for heavy vehicles. “Unlike the price of diesel, which is linked to the highly volatile and unpredictable oil market, the price of LNG is more stable allowing for better control of business budgeting,” he says.

Isaac says LNG plants will be built in other locations throughout Australia as part of a long-term plan to support the domestic gas industry.

BOC opened a micro LNG plant in Tasmania in February last year, along with six refuelling stations across the island.

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