Big on capacity, small on size

Designer and manufacturer of above-ground, self-bunded storage systems for hazardous substances, Advanced Fuel Tanks, has released the new Vanguard iTank.

The company’s extensive range of tanks are used worldwide for the above-ground storage of diesel, petrol, aviation fuel, oil, solvents, chemicals and other hazardous substances.

The iTank offers a range of unique benefits to customers, including having the greatest capacity of any rectangular tank with the same footprint. As it is doubled walled, the iTank is ideal for storing diesel at mining sites, truck stops and bulk storage sites, or for petroleum stored outdoors in unpopulated areas. It features simple refilling and pump points for easy and convenient use.

Managing Director of Advanced Fuel Tanks, Stephen Bank, says the iTank is well suited to all types of industrial settings, including commercial and transport sites, and is ideal for use on mine sites in New Zealand and Australia.
“It can be placed quickly, put into operation quickly and can be moved around a mining site easily with cranes or side-lifters or whatever equipment is available. It is easily moveable or removable when you finish at that site.”

The iTank is available in a range of sizes between 26,000 litres and 88,000 litres and is the same footprint as a 20-foot or 40-foot container, utilising standard shipping and trucking footprints. The The unique rectangular design of the iTank means there are no water traps, with its gentle sloping roof allowing rain run-off.

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