Beware of energy drinks

Research in the USA is suggesting problems may be caused for truck drivers who are drinking too many energy drinks. Studies, sponsored by the US Commercial Truck Safety Syntheses Program, called Chemical Substance Effect on Driving Performance: Stimulant, Hypnotics and Nutritional Aids are finding energy drinks may be a loaded gun for drivers who rely on them too heavily.

Scientists are calling for prominent labeling of energy drinks listing caffeine doses and warning of the risks as well as asking doctors to become familiar with the tell-tale signs of caffeine intoxication, namely nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, upset stomach, tremors, rapid heartbeat and agitation.

Energy drinks, when used excessively, have been found to increase fatigue by depriving drivers of rest during their off-duty periods and stimulating them to drive more aggressively. Figures for crash fatalities on US highways suggest that aggressive driving causes more crashes than fatigue.

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