Beer deliveries made efficient on new electric truck

A BevChain operator using a fully-electric Fuso eCanter to deliver beer kegs to Sydney suburbs daily has applauded the quick, quiet and efficient performance of the vehicle.

Each day, Lance Valentine completes three to four loops out from BevChain’s Lidcombe base, delivering Tooheys kegs to pubs within a 40km radius.

Depending on traffic conditions and route, total mileage for Valentine’s daily deliveries could be up to 150 kilometres.

However, Valentine said that after his first run, the battery still has decent range thanks to its regenerative braking.

“I tend to look ahead and see what I can do to harvest energy with the regenerative braking, like lifting off to charge going down a hill or using the regenerative braking to pull up rather than use the brakes,” he said.

“With the fast charger, I easily top it up in a very short time and that gives me enough to get out and back without having to worry about range.”

The eCanter has a power output of 135kW and 390Nm of torque, which can be delivered the moment the accelerator pedal is pressed.

It also uses six liquid-cooled lithium-ion batteries mounted in the frame that store 82.8kW/h of electricity and feed a permanent magnet synchronous motor.

“It is smoother, more comfortable and there is hardly any noise,” Valentine said.

“It is also really easy to drive. Beyond the fact it is producing zero emissions, the quiet operation is also really important.”

The eCanter features a full suite of active safety features, including an Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), which uses a radar to detect potential collisions and brake hard even in the event where the driver fails to do so.

This system can even automatically begin braking if it detects moving pedestrians, which is especially important in urban areas.

Other safety features include a Lane Departure Warning System, Electronic Stability Control, Hill Start Assist, a reversing camera and driver and passenger airbags.

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