Battery electric truck manufacturing ramps up

Kenny Veith.

US-based analysts report battery electric truck production is expected to triple this year.

ACT Research and North American commercial vehicle and off-highway powertrain forecaster, Rhein Associates, recently released a report which highlights power-source activity for commercial vehicles.

“The California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved a $2.6 billion investment plan to assist transition to zero-emission transportation, with the majority of the incentives and subsidies approved focused on cleaner trucks and buses,” said Rhein Associates Senior Powertrain Analyst, Andrew Wrobel.

“Battery electric truck production is expected to triple this year compared to last. However, this growth is still moderate within the broader market, accounting for less than 1.0 per cent of total truck production.”

When asked about the US economic outlook, Kenny Vieth, President and Senior Analyst at ACT Research, said: “The US economy grew by 2.9 per cent in Q4 2022, surprising many analysts and pushing full-year 2022 growth to 2.1 per cent.

“In addition to stronger-than-expected Q4 growth, this marked the first quarter since the start of the pandemic that every economic sector contributed positively to the economy’s performance.

“Our view of the US economy remains largely consistent with the perspectives we have offered to readers over the last few months, but with a shift in timing. A recession remains likely, mild in degree and duration. But instead of being centred in 1H 2023, our current thinking aligns downturn timing with the game of chicken being played in DC around the debt-ceiling and US credit worthiness.”

Looking at Australia, the electrification of heavy commercial vehicles is on the rise.

This week, national courier, Australia Post, announced the deployment of its first Volvo electric vehicle.

Meanwhile, Hino Australia has confirmed its Hybrid Electric Built to Go range will be available in Hino dealerships from July 2023.

Even Isuzu has entered the race following the launch of its first factory produced battery electric range of vehicles.

In January, the first all-electric Mercedes-Benz trucks bound for Australia and New Zealand officially rolled off the production line.

Late last year Team Global Express arranged for 60 battery electric delivery vehicles and associated charging infrastructure within its ‘Express Parcels’ fleet.

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