B-triple approved for ACFS operation in Brisbane

B-triple Port of Brisbane.

ACFS Port Logistics has been given the green light to run a B-triple on the Port of Brisbane.

The high productivity vehicle can carry three 40-foot containers.

With the successful trial run complete, the B-triple, pulled by a Mercedes-Benz Actros 3565, is now approved for full time operation.

It follows a substantial period of design, collaboration and trialling with relevant logistics stakeholders to ensure it met with all necessary safety and transport standards.

At present, Brisbane is the only port in the country committed to utilising the 42 metre long B-triple combination.

The combination travels a daily circuit of just under 20 kilometres in radius that encompasses the main stevedores.

It is anticipated the B-triple combination will, on average, increase productivity and efficiency by 33 per cent per trip with a further reduction of carbon emissions per container by an estimated 33 per cent.

The new Actros was recently part of a 50 truck delivery back in October.

ACFS National Fleet Maintenance, Compliance Manager Alan Guest said the 650 horsepower prime mover pulls the triples beautifully.

“It’s a great concept and brilliant for us and brilliant for the port,” he told Prime Mover.

“This combination means we can get numbers to ship quicker. On a stack run we will need to get 400 containers onto the ship in no time,” said Guest.

“This B-triple will make a big difference in that regard.”

Guest has appointed geofences, using MTData, on all trucks including the new B-triple.

In a statement issued online ACFS Port Logistics said it would be working with the terminal operators at the Port of Brisbane to ensure that the vehicle configuration is widely accepted, in order to achieve the above stated benefits.

“All ACFS depot facilities and empty parks are configured correctly to accommodate, as is Australian Amalgamated Terminals,” the company said.

DP World and Patrick discussions were reportedly progressing well.

Hutchison, at present, is not in a position to adopt the new B-triple configuration.

Planning first commenced in June, 2022, when Andrew Rankin from Port of Brisbane and Wayne Jenkins from ACFS started a conversation about continuous improvement.

Jason Clenton, Managing Director of Clenton’s Transport, no stranger to exploring PBS innovation, congratulated the team at ACFS on the development.

“Awesome to see industry working with the NHVR to bring this together,” he said.

“When can we expect similar changes like this in Port Botany?”

In other news, the National Bulk Tanker Association is hosting a general meeting for its members on 28 February in Sydney.

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