Avon Waste invests in Allison transmission

Western Australian refuse management company Avon Waste has recently added a Volvo FE side-loader equipped with a 300 p engine mated to an Allison 3000R fully-automatic transmission.

“We chose this spec because it is more powerful than the other trucks we have been using, and Allison is the best transmission for the task,” said Ashley Fisher, Director of Avon Waste.

“Our drivers have up to two hours of driving before collection begins and another two hours returning to the depot,” Fisher said. “Allison is tremendous for highway driving because it easily accelerates to and maintains cruising speeds, but doesn't allow the engine to rev too high, so fuel consumption is kept to a minimum.”

Fisher praised the quality and reliability of the 17 Allison automatics in its fleet of 19 trucks. The majority of Avon's business comes from curbside bin pickups using 14 specialist side-loader trucks – mostly Iveco/International Acco compactors.

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