Auto Prep expands its Hino fleet

Sydney based Auto Prep uses its all Hino fleet to secretly transport some of the most valuable cars in the world around Australia.

The specialist automotive transport company is contracted by some of the leading car companies to transport motor show display cars, secret prototypes, concept cars and race cars all over the country; many of these cars irreplaceable and therefore invaluable.

In time for its 15th anniversary, Auto Prep expanded its fleet by taking delivery of a new Hino GD 1227 Air with a high-output 190kW engine and six-speed transmission, fitted with a curtain-sided tilt-tray body.

The new 500 Series Hino brings Auto Prep’s fleet to four, which includes three FD models: a 2007 three-car open car carrier, a 2005 curtain-sider with a tilt-tray body and a 1999 model tilt-tray that continues to do service for the company.

Company founder Glenn Austin said it was vital to have dependable and safe trucks to protect his valuable cargo. “We’ve used Hinos exclusively for more than a decade and they are the best. I wouldn’t use anything else.

“We’ve never really been let down, which is obviously vital, and the drivers love them – especially the new GD, which is quieter and has features like cruise control.”

Glenn said the Hino trucks average about 80,000km a year, travelling mainly down the East Coast and across to Adelaide.

He believes the secret to the reliability of the Hinos is regular servicing.

As well as being contracted to car manufacturers such as Toyota and Lexus, Auto Prep has also moved cars for the Top Gear Live show and transported the famous Popemobile during the pontiff’s tour of Australia two years ago.

As the Popemobile was too high for the regular curtain-sider tilt-tray, it travelled solo on the three-car Hino carrier.

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