Auto greaser reduces costs

Alemlube Beka-Max automatic chassis greasing systems are designed to deliver optimum lubrication, reducing component wear and downtime to save operators valuable dollars.
The Beka-Max system delivers small amounts of grease frequently, minimising waste and providing maximum protection. No grease point can be missed providing optimal lubrication at all times.

The pump, distribution valves, hose, tube and fittings are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 289bar (4200psi), exceeding the pressure capabilities of most lubrication devices and the high precision spool design ensures the correct volume every time with no seals, balls or springs to wear out.

Correct function is monitored continually, with any tight grease point with back pressure of more than 280bar indicated at the pump. A convenient manual grease point allows the entire system to be cycled when necessary to check the system or prime lines.

The Beka-Max system can always build sufficient pressure for perfect lubrication, achieved irrespective of the size of the system or number of grease points. Equipment such as garbage compactors, trailers and on-board cranes can be integrated into one system.

The system uses NGLI #2 grease as recommended by most vehicle and equipment manufacturers, and is delivered under the harshest operating conditions.

For further information contact Alemlube on (02) 9938 2033.

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