Staff Writer

Coming of Age

Vic Mix takes transportation of its core products – namely cement, sand and rock — very seriously. Read more

Stepping Stones

Five months after his appointment as Hino Australia Vice President – Brand and Franchise Development, Richard Emery, is enjoying the transition and challenges of the highly competitive trucking sector after more than three decades working in the passenger car industry for the likes of Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Land Rover. Read more

Climbing the Rise

Development of autonomous vehicles over the past decade or so has not contributed to the demise of Western civilisation, as some early detractors may have preached, but instead has resulted in the progressive adoption of a number of key systems which offer to significantly improve the safety and efficiency of modern commercial vehicles. Read more

Cleaning Up

There can be no denying that fossil fuel burning engines are steadily on the way out the back door, with a range of electric options steadily spooling up to take their place. Read more