William Craske

Cadillac Coup de Ville.

Fin de Siècle

Great design seems to leap across the decades. This is certainly true of many built things to have lasted, particularly courthouses, churches, and various types of vehicles.
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Wightman Transport, Peter Starke with son, Josh.

To the Rescue

If the quiet of a truck cabin can be measured by the clarity of an interview conducted in a remote location by phone (hand’s free) than the new R 620 V8 from Scania passes with flying colours.
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Industry decision makers.

Zero Sum Game

Amid some of the early predictions of how 2023 might advance, a report issued late last year by DHL projected that 70 per cent of export businesses expected industry would recover.
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Ahead of the Game

The freight task between Adelaide and Melbourne, along national highway A8 and the Western Highway, requires a consistent approach day in day out. Read More
Secon Freight Logistics Volvo A-double.

Run and Carry

Were it not for a Christmas party in 1968, where its founders first formed an alliance, Secon Freight Logistics, the powerhouse landside operator in Melbourne, may not have ever come to fruition.
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Power Trip

The words are prominent on the door of the Kenworth – PRIDE, CARE, RESPECT, EXCELLENCE – and in a nutshell they embody what Emerald Carrying Co (ECC) is all about.
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Split Decisions

When it comes to Performance-Based Standards (PBS) vehicles, the short history of Clenton’s Transport, dating back to 2015, compares favourably to almost anybody.
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Double Impact

Quarry product transport specialist, Cartage Australia, runs over 110 rigid tippers and dogs across its 24-hour operations in Victoria.
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