William Craske

Vital Signs

The art of making a Cuban toast, it’s said, is to raise one’s glass as if addressing a hundred folk regardless of the numbers present.
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Pacemaker lights have been installed by Transurban in the upgraded Burnley Tunnel.

Let There Be Lights

If you’ve come out of the Burnley Tunnel recently and felt like you’ve been subjected to a light show, rest assured, your mind is not playing tricks on you. Transurban is.
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Ryan Laskey.

High Voltage

Despite being his first trip to Australia in nine years, Ryan Laskey, Dana Senior Vice President Commercial Vehicle Drive and Motion Systems, spoke to Prime Mover after a 20-hour flight from Detroit, buoyed by encouraging signs of market recovery.
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Scott Harvey inspects two Volvo FMs with single tankers.

Think Tank

In the cut and thrust of moving milk tankers between dairies and delivery destinations the conditions that fleets, who specialise in this unique application, encounter are less than ideal.
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UD Quon near a sugarcane enclave on the Atherton Tablelands.

Tropic Thunder

A chain of summits south of Cairns form what is referred to commonly as the Gillies Range, an 800-metre-high partition that divides the enclave of the Far North Queensland coastal plain from the interior Atherton Tableland.
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Easy Truck Rental Jon Hui

Paradigm Shift

The entrance to the Marine Corps Officer Candidate School is adorned with a sign that reads, “Ductus Exemplo.”
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Tempus Group Mack Anthem.

Going with the Grain

There has been no shortage of prominent infrastructure projects in Sydney, the nation’s most populous capital city, over the past decade as government provision in service of fiscal stimulation, leaves no doubt as to what is being produced.
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