Tony McMullan

A new broom sweeps clean

While it is still early days since the recent federal election and the appointment of a new Labor Government, there are signs that the winds of change are blowing through our nation’s capital. Read more

A new record?

At December year end 2007, a new all-time heavy vehicle sales record was set in Australia, with 38,131 new truck sales. Read more

Death, taxes and low emission vehicles

In 1789, America’s founding father, Benjamin Franklin, wrote what was probably his last great quote, saying “…in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes”. Read more

A hydrogen reality check – part one

In my column last month, I explained the need for Australian governments to develop an all-encompassing ‘net zero emissions’ greenhouse gas plan, one that outlines a pathway forward for each industry and for each State and Territory. Read more

Government putting the brakes on truck safety

I outlined a few months ago in this very column, that the introduction of new Australian Design Rule (ADR) regulations for heavy vehicle safety and environmental standards had sadly slowed noticeably over the past decade. Read more