Peter White

The Perfect Couple

Acquired by SAF-Holland in 2018, the V.Orlandi range covers a plethora of different models of trailer couplings. Yet, according to SAF-Holland, it is the E551BOM coupling which is among the strongest and lightest of its kind in the industry. This makes it a unique product for several reasons. Read More
Logmaster EWD app.

Sounds Heavy

At the beginning of last year, Geotab announced a partnership with leading Australian Electronic Work Diary (EWD) and fatigue compliance management systems provider, Logmaster.
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Scully RSV offers dozens of vehicle types and applications.

First Fleet

In making the decision on whether to hire a vehicle or purchase one, there are many factors which may come into play.
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Scully RSV provides a comprehensive range of fleet solutions in the cold carrier segment.

Building Momentum

Now into its third decade as a specialist in refrigerated transport solutions, Scully RSV understands that change is a constant in commercial road transport.
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SAF-Holland's ELI-te.

Locked and Loaded

The incorrect coupling of a prime mover to a semi-trailer or B-double combination can be a very costly error.
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Truck driver view at dawn.

Within Reach

The new AXR Remote Display, developed in conjunction with the AXS SmartOBM, embodies Airtec’s aim to modernise and bring the latest technology to fleets.
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World first autonomous roadtrain.

Auto Focus

From a two-person crushing contractor in 1992, Mineral Resources (MinRes) has completely evolved to become a majorly recognised player in the mining sector.
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Turfco's Marcus Rogers.

Home Turf

It is said that some of our soil is actually stardust from the remains of stars fallen to earth.
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Ben Harris, Suzanne Magro and Blake Harris of Adelaide Liquid Waste.

Never Say Never

It was ten years ago when Ben and his partner, Suzanne, purchased a company under the name of Septic Pumping Services.
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