Peter Shields

Lauren Pulitano.

Family Jewels

Record sales figures and a major historical milestone are cause for celebration at UD Trucks Australia whose Vice President, Lauren Pulitano, is understandably excited by what the future might hold for the brand.
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Fuso Shogun tipper.

The Power of One

Decades ago, there was a catchy marketing phrase used in relation to a Japanese car which, for the time, was rather pretentiously pitched at customers more inclined to consider European brands.
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Freightliner 126 truck and dog with lazy axle.

Dare to be Different

Established in 1971, Local Mix has grown to be considerably more than a supplier of ready mix concrete to the Geelong area.
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Thomas Hemmerich, Managing Director of MAN Truck and Bus Korea

Talkin’ Bout New Truck Generation

A recent visitor to our shores as an international attendee at the Brisbane Truck Show, Thomas Hemmerich along with Craig Lee, Penske Australia On-highway Executive General Manager, spoke to Prime Mover about MAN’s new truck generation range as it settles into the market following its launch in Australia in August 2022.
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Scania instrument digital display.

View from the Left Side

As a manufacturer, Scania has long realised the importance and potential of driver coaching, particularly in one-on-one situations with a trainer sitting in the passenger seat offering tips to the driver.
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Hero Ground Zero

From concept to practical reality, the transition to low and zero emission trucks is a journey which speed is accelerating rapidly and Volvo Trucks has demonstrated a determination to be at the forefront of road transport’s CO2 reduction.
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Mack Anthem with Palfinger crane at sunset.

Through the Roof

George Prothero has logged more than 40 years in the building component industry and took the plunge in 2002 to establish his own family business building roof trusses and wall frames in Wangaratta.
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Scania SUPER 13-litre B-double.

Diesel Lives!

As most truck and engine manufacturers, Scania included, are charging towards the net-zero solutions of electrification and/or hydrogen power, Scania has developed what is very likely to be the last internal combustion engine (ICE) to be developed by the Swedish member of the Traton organisation.
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