Paul Matthei

Precise Measurements

Over the years, the development of truck differentials eventually led to the inclusion of a lube pump in the interests of providing superior lubrication of the inter-axle differential (IAD) located at the top of the front diff housing in tandem drive assemblies.
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Pound for Pound

Having relished completing a sheet metal working apprenticeship in his earlier years, Craig Drinnan, Managing Director of Perth-based business Welding Solutions, believes starting his own fabrication business was a completely natural progression.
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Steering Clear

For a number of operators in Australia, including Martins Stock Haulage, the heavy-duty truck and engine of choice is non-negotiable: It is, quite simply, Cummins-powered Kenworth.
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JOST in Time for Easter

Haulage company KS Easter was founded in Newcastle 45 years ago by Managing Director Ken Easter, who started out as a single truck owner-operator.
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Birds of a Feather

Having started his transport business with one European cabover prime mover in 1995, Glenn Nightingale acquired his first Western Star in 1998.
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Marathon MAN

Liberty oil is a fuel and oil distributor that operates around the clock to ensure petroleum products that are the lifeblood of society are available when and where they are required.
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Pumping Iron

The sparsely populated and mineral-rich Pilbara region brings to mind the comic twist of the classic AC/DC song, “It’s a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll.”
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Outback Adventures

The weights are substantial, the distances vast and the sparsely vegetated desert landscape swelters under summer temperatures that can see the mercury reaching up to 50C.
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The Diff is in the Detail

SRH Milk Haulage was founded in October 1996 by Scott and Regina Harvey with one truck and one trailer, following the attainment of a contract with Dairy Farmers to deliver milk to its factory at Hexham near Newcastle.
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On the Razor’s Edge

The infamous Razorback Blockade has been referred to as the greatest act of Aussie civil disobedience since the Eureka Stockade. Read More