Louise Surette

Driver distraction and fatigue can be monitored to reduce accidents.

Weapons of Mass Distraction

A first-of-its-kind study has uncovered staggering statistics, showing a raft of risky behaviours across almost 2,500 Australian and New Zealand fleets over a 12-month period.
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John Dreves and Stewart Lamb [in orange] at Primary Connect’s Sydney facility.

Training Day

Forget Zoom, Teams and Youtube videos. For semi-trailer operators, old school, face-to-face demonstrations and firsthand practice are back, and their popularity among fleets is proving that they might be back for good.
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HELLA National Fleet Business Development Manager Andrew May.

Bright Ideas

A father who drove trucks between Mount Isa and Darwin and loved racing cars in his spare time is one good reason why Andrew May has the career he does.
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Andrew McKenzie.

Leap Years

If you were to sum up the year Scully RSV has had in one word, connection would arguably define it best.
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Mark Gjerek.

First Moves

A love of all things motorised and a concern for the environment might seem like incompatible bedfellows, but Mark Gjerek doesn’t see it that way.
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Heavy vehicle stopped in inclement conditions.

Situation Aware

There isn’t any way to sugar-coat it. Truck accidents are traumatic, and even the minor ones can leave drivers shaken and causing major disruption to the business while the vehicle is out of operation.
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Nippy’s runs a small fleet of DAF trucks including a 16-pallet CF75 8x4.

Fruits of Labour

Oranges are a surprisingly delicate fruit. Despite their tough exterior, they can bruise and spoil easily which means transporting them is a fine art.
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