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Volvo FH16 XXL.

Upstream Colour

For many attending the Brisbane Truck Show this year the striking custom Volvo FH16 XXL taking centre stage at the Volvo Group Australia stand was a highlight.
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Rising to the Challenges

Right now, we’re witnessing the kind of transformation that hasn’t been seen since the shift from the horse-and-cart to motor vehicles, and it’s incredibly exciting to be asked to lead UD Trucks here in Australia during this time.
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New-Generation-DAF-Electric with charger.

Through the Motions

I remember being at a convention back in 2016, when, to much fanfare, a significant European manufacturer unveiled its new electric vehicle.
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Leaving a Legacy

Skills shortage! People shortage! Driver shortage! We keep hearing the same thing over and over, everybody has a problem, and even when someone comes up with what seems a viable solution, there is not always a funding for that solution to be rolled out across industry.
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Inflation genie.

The Inflation Genie

Inflation is a hot topic. Can the Reserve Bank get the inflation genie back into the bottle quickly? Or is inflation potentially going to stay high for an extended period? In either case, what is the future path of interest rates?
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Are quins the new quads?

“Thanks so much for getting this sorted. Really appreciated here! We’re back on the road. Look forward to doing business with you again. Dan Jones.”
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Confronting Australia’s Ageing Truck Fleet

As industry groups in Europe and the US debate when and how to move to Euro 7/VII and equivalent vehicle emission limits, here in Australia it appears that we may soon have some certainty for the introduction of Euro VI limits for heavy vehicles, having had mandatory Euro V new vehicles on the road for more than 11 years so far. 
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