Auswide Transport Solutions orders 20 Kenworths

The first two Kenworth Legend SARs have joined the fleet at Auswide Transport Solutions as part of a huge order.

These trucks will be allocated to one of Auswide’s premium customers on the east coast where they will run round trips Melbourne to Sydney, with permanent drivers allocated.

The new prime movers join Auswide’s 95-per-cent Kenworth fleet consisting of T909s, Legends and K200s.

Auswide Transport Solutions General Manager, Gabby Singh, told Prime Mover Kenworth is one of the most reliable and robust brands across the industry and are well suited to the Australian environment when running linehaul.

“They’re very sought after trucks – drivers feel pride driving these iconic trucks around,” he said.

“The support of Nick Gesovski from Kenworth DAF of Melbourne is first class and consistent with the brand, while the Cummins aftersales support adds to our confidence in Kenworth.

“Having booked Kenworths a while ago, we have seen a number start to enter our fleet and are excited to receive these two Legends being production numbers 310 and 311.”

According to Singh, there are also another 18 Kenworths to come.

“Investing back into and strengthening Australian businesses is central to our corporate philosophy,” he said.

Like all of the fleet’s units, they will come standard with air-conditioning units.

The team at Auswide, though, have taken it a step further by having custom air and ice packs installed pre-delivery.

Singh said this will give great assurance to fatigue management protocols as it will ensure drivers are well-rested on their trips away from home.

“The Australian environment can become hot running between Adelaide and Perth, and we make every effort to support proper fatigue management by providing a good level of comfort for our drivers,” he said.

National Compliance Manager, Jeff Wright, told Prime Mover that the safety of its drivers and customers is the fleet’s primary focus.

“Our priority is to ensure our drivers are well looked after through our ‘customer first’ approach,” he said.

“A first-class safety environment within the organisation assists not only with attracting drivers but keeping them as well.

“Making sure they’re safe, and getting them back to their families, is really important to us.”

CEO, Tom Pausic, told Prime Mover attracting, engaging and retaining customers while increasing quality drivers is supported by the new Kenworth fleet.

“There are very few drivers who won’t put their hand up for it, so that’s helped us attract professional drivers and gives the fleet a very professional image,” he said.

In other news, Auswide Transport Solutions has commenced its first Performance-Based Standards (PBS) B-triple roadtrain combinations between Melbourne and Adelaide and its first AB-triples between Adelaide and Perth.

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