Auswide Transport Solutions introduces first PBS B-triples

Auswide Transport Solutions

National transport company, Auswide Transport Solutions, has commenced its first Performance-Based Standards (PBS) B-triple roadtrain combinations between Melbourne and Adelaide and its first AB-triples between Adelaide and Perth.

The units will carry predominantly parcel freight for its customers around Australia, as well as general freight and overnight express.

The combinations join the fleet’s growing 500-plus compatible trailer units.

While the company has been running east-west roadtrain triples for several years, Auswide Transport Solutions CEO, Tom Pausic, told Prime Mover these units will give the fleet greater flexibility on the east coast.

“They’re akin to what we’ve already been doing, but it’s just a new corridor for us,” he said.

“So far they’ve been working really well.”

Along with bringing Auswide Transport Solutions a 30 per cent reduction in carbon production, General Manager, Gabby Singh, told Prime Mover the B-triples will benefit its customers especially when it comes to the east-west.

“Efficiency gains will have a positive bottom-line effect for our customers, and it will also benefit them by contributing to carbon reduction,” he said.

“The number of available drivers has been a concern of industry for some time.

“Moving more freight with less trucks during peak times means fewer heavy vehicles on the road and reduces the wear on our nation’s infrastructure.”

The combinations are already demonstrating higher productivity and greater efficiency for Auswide Transport Solutions’ operations.

According to Singh, plans are in place to extend the PBS fleet even further.

“Melbourne and Adelaide has started and Sydney to Adelaide will commence in the near future,” he said.

“We expect the presence of PBS combinations on our roads will become increasingly more common as benefits are realised.”

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