Australia’s largest-ever truck line-up coming to Melbourne

After a surge of positive news about the next instalment of the International Truck, Trailer & Equipment Show (ITTES) in April 2014, it is now official that the event will boast the largest line-up of trucks old and new ever seen in Australia.

According to Show Director, Clint Hendry, all major truck brands currently active in Australia will be part of the Show, alongside a vast selection of award-winning vintage transport equipment and the best customised trucks in Australia.

“It’s the best of three worlds,” Hendry told CRTNews. “Visitors get to see all the latest and greatest in modern truck technology at the 2014 Show, plus more than 100 hand-selected vintage trucks and the best Australia’s customisation scene has to offer. You simply can’t get more truck into one event.”

The latest addition to the Show is an Invitational Show & Shine event, where the leading truck customising companies from around the country will compete for Australia’s customisation crown.

The event was announced only a month after PACCAR Australia and Swedish powerhouse Scania have confirmed their involvement in Show, completing the line-up of high-quality truck brands on show.

“If you love trucks, you can’t go past ITTES,” said Hendry. “There will be so much to see that it’s only fitting that we extended the Show to four days, including two full days for the general public.

“It’s a great opportunity to re-tell the proud history of commercial road transport in Australia from the very first trucks to ever hit the road all the way to today’s sparkling show trucks, which we all love,” he added.

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