Australia’s first carbon-neutral transport company

Transforce Bulk Haulage is set on changing the environmental image of the trucking industry by becoming the first transport company in Australia to be certified carbon-neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard.

The Dubbo trucking company's principal, Steve Fieldus, who is also involved with the National Road Transport Association (NatRoad), said going carbon neutral had involved changing the business's whole attitude towards its vehicle's carbon emissions.

Steve, who is passionate about improving perceptions about the trucking industry, said the move to make his business more sustainable for the long haul was an expensive exercise, but one he feels well worth it. “It will take us a few years to recoup the money we've spent, but eventually we'll come out in front,” he said.

“The guys involved in the transport industry have been asking me why I got into it. I care about how our company is positioned in the next 10 or 15 years and the impact it will have on the environment and I obviously want a better world for my kids. But it's also a case of if we don't start cleaning up after ourselves, it's going to cost us a lot of money in the future.”

Transforce, which carries agricultural commodities, organic waste and recyclable materials, runs a a fleet of 10  vehicles with 16 subcontractors operating single trailers, truck and dog combinations, B-doubles and road trains. The company accounts for all emissions associated with its business operations and Certification has been obtained through Low Carbon Australia, which is the Australian Government's certifier for carbon neutrality against the National Carbon Offset Standard.

Read the full story on Australia’s first Carbon Neutral trucking company in the next edition of Prime Mover.

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