Australian Logistics Council welcomes Victorian freight plan

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has welcomed the launch of the Victorian Freight and Logistics Plan which sets out a strategy for Victoria to deal with the expected growth in freight volumes across Victoria and nationally.

“The freight strategy estimates that the freight and logistics sector contributed between $19 – $23 billion, or about eight per cent of total economic activity, to Victoria's economy in 2011”, said ALC Managing Director Michael Kilgariff.

“Given ALC estimates that the sector is about 14.5 per cent of the economy, that figure could be much higher. While the freight task nationally will almost triple by 2050, containerised imports and exports from Victoria are set to almost quadruple.

“The plan also recognises that the logistics industry is increasingly dealing with goods that have been imported, rather than manufactured locally, which is consistent with trends elsewhere in Australia. This reinforces that planning and corridor protection are critical and freight and supply chain efficiency is an important component of the national economic debate.”

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