ATA release recommendations to reduce road toll

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) have submitted recommendation to reduce the amounts of fatalities on Australian roads to zero.

In 2017 1225 people died on the road and to see this number reduced further the ATA have identified 19 recommendations for Australia’s next national road safety strategy.

The ATA have urged the Australian Government to require the fitting of electronic stability control for all new trucks and trailers and for the Transport and Infrastructure Council to update the Australian Transport Assessment and Planning guidelines to only use willingness to pay for estimating the cost of fatalities and injuries in accidents.

A towards zero philosophy is also recommended be applied to set a long-term target. The role of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau was also recommended to be extended to provide independent, no-blame, safety investigations for road accidents involving heavy vehicles.

Investing in road safety infrastructure by using data gathered from road crash investigations and upgrading the road safety standards as a whole was also highlighted as a way to improve on the current target.

Fatigue laws were also identified by the report as needing improvement in flexibility and realistic compliance tolerances. Governments were also urged to increase the quantity and quality of driver rest areas.

Education of new and current drivers on how to properly share the road with heavy vehicles was also marked by the report as an important step in reducing the road toll.

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