ATA NSW welcomes move to crack down on speeding trucks

The peak body for the NSW trucking industry, ATA NSW, welcomes the NSW Roads and Ports Minister Duncan Gay’s move to get tough on blatant law breakers in the industry.

ATA NSW Manager Jill Lewis said, “The great majority of people in Australia’s trucking industry are safe, professional and responsible in their work. They do the right thing and are compliant with the law, especially speed and chain of responsibility requirements. However, there are those who blatantly break the law. There is no room in the industry for these rogues.

“ATA NSW supports Minister Gay’s recent call to have trucks that are caught excessively speeding grounded until an inspection is completed and the truck cleared for further use.

“Yet whilst it is important to ground those trucks and drivers immediately, it is also vital that the freight not be held up, particularly perishable freight. Therefore, it should only be the prime mover and driver held for inspection and clearance.

“ATA NSW also would like to reiterate that only a small proportion of the state’s trucking industry is guilty of such offenses, with the vast majority of operators providing professional and efficient service.”

According to Lewis, ATA NSW is dedicated to moving freight around the state and to communities as safely and as efficiently as possible.

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