ATA launches TruckWeek 2014

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has announced the launch of TruckWeek 2014, a week of trucking industry events held across Australia at the start of September.

Held every two years, TruckWeek encourages businesses and individuals to raise the profile of the trucking industry and celebrate its achievements.

The ATA is therefore calling on trucking operators to visit the TruckWeek website to register an event to host in their local area.

“The national TruckWeek website has a host of great event ideas and resources to help carry them out, including template letters, safety tips and even official TruckWeek award certificates,” said Watson.

Businesses are encouraged to use the ideas from the website or to come up with a new event concept.

“The ATA will promote each event through the TruckWeek website, the media and our Twitter feed. By participating, you’ll help to raise the profile of the trucking industry and your business,” said Watson.

Events must be registered through the website to be added to the official listing.

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