ATA gears up for the election

With the federal election due to be held on September 14 the Australian Trucking Association is gearing up into election mode by publishing its own ATA election website.

On the website, visitors can download fact sheets to send to social media contacts, send messages to politicians supporting the ATA position and find out more about joining an ATA member association.

“The Labor Government plans to extend its Carbon Tax to the fuel used in trucks. The Tax would start at almost seven cents per litre of diesel. It would be a massive hit to many trucking businesses,” said David Simon, ATAChairman. “The ATA is calling on the Labor Government to announce it would, if elected, drop its Carbon Tax on truck fuel. The Coalition has already announced it would repeal the Carbon Tax completely.

“The ATA is also urging both sides of politics to announce policies to fix road funding and the way our industry is charged to use the roads. Through our election website, everyone in the industry can stand up for trucking in the 2013 election.”

Apart from concentrating on the current government's carbon trading scheme, the new ATA election website also talks about the urgent need for improved infrastructure in light of the fast-growing freight task. They outline the need for better roads to be used by higher productivity vehicles like B-triples and Super B-doubles.

The site also suggests Australia's road planning and funding system is broken and too many decisions are made on a short-term basis, at all levels of government. The ATA calls for both sides of politics to announce a package of measures to improve road planning, funding and charging as well as a high productivity vehicle trial on the Hume Highway by July 2014.

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