ATA calls for action against the Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment reform

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has called on the Productivity Commission to fight Government plans to introduce a Heavy Vehicle Charging and Investment reform (HVCI).

Through the reform, governments would impose mass-distance-location pricing on trucking operators.

According to the ATA the HVCI would require operators to have regulatory GPS devices installed in all vehicles. The device would calculate the distance that was travelled, the roads that were used and the mass of each vehicle. Operators would then be charged according to these calculations.

“HVCI’s proposal would greatly increase the cost of transporting freight in rural and regional areas, because roads in these locations are built to a lighter standard than major highways,” the ATA said. “To meet the cost of road wear, charges for local roads in rural areas would need to be 25 times higher than the charges for freeways.”

The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a six month public inquiry into ways to encourage private financing and funding for major infrastructure projects.

“The ATA has recommended to the Commonwealth Treasury and other Government organisations that HVCI should be disbanded since the outcomes of its recommendations will increase the cost of transporting freight, increase costs in rural Australia, add extra administration costs to trucking businesses, and not provide improvements in road provision,” the ATA said in a statement.

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