ATA announces travelling road safety exhibition overhaul

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) will completely renew its well-travelled mobile road safety exhibition, the Road Ahead.

The $1.3 million trailer will be redeveloped after being on the road for five years and hosting more than 80,000 visitors.

The ATA will use the exhibition to work with regional road safety groups to give local teenagers tips about how to share the road safely with heavy vehicles.

“Sharing the road safely is everyone’s responsibility, but nowhere in their driver’s tests are L and P plate drivers taught to interact safely with a truck or oversized vehicle,” said ATA Chief Executive Stuart St Clair, adding that the updated exhibition would give the trucking industry the opportunity to make sure that vulnerable young drivers don’t learn road safety lessons the hard way.

“The new exhibition will feature videos and interactive activities designed to help young drivers understand the dangers of cutting in front of heavy vehicles, show them where the blind spots are on a truck and demonstrate why heavy vehicles need plenty of space when turning.”

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