Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for truck drivers a win for supply chains: VTA

Heavy vehicle drivers can now get tested for COVID-19 in Victoria irrespective of whether they show symptoms.

The news comes following confirmation the Victorian Government would adjust its guidance to align with other jurisdictions and to help overcome delays at borders that were disrupting supply chains.

Freight Victoria issued the new guidance, which most importantly allows heavy vehicle drivers to get a COVID test without having to self-isolate until getting a result, provided they do not have symptoms.

The guidance came about after many discussions between State Governments and industry bodies over the past week to ensure there was more uniformity to border crossing requirements across Australia according to VTA CEO Peter Anderson.

“It means freight operators and employers of drivers can organise private asymptomatic COVID-19 testing at private pathology laboratories. Most importantly, drivers who are asymptomatic and have their tests through a private laboratory are not required to self-isolate while waiting for their result,” he said.

A list of the private laboratories from the Victorian Government where testing is available has been requested by the VTA.

The Department of Health advises the test does not require a referral from a medical practitioner and that it will be bulk-billed through Medicare.

Anderson said the adjustment should see an end to delays at the South Australia border with Victoria.

“Asymptomatic testing for heavy vehicle drivers means operators in Victoria are now able to comply with requirements in South Australia for COVID testing every seven days as a condition of being granted a border crossing permit,” he said.

“We welcome the Victorian Government aligning with other jurisdictions and we will continue to petition strongly to obtain common-sense solutions so that the essential movement of freight cross our borders, and the important work of our members, can continue with minimal disruption,” concluded Anderson.

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